New York City is the hub of different types of events, and as such there is a high demand for Security Guards. This demand expands throughout the area to more suburban areas, ranging from Queens, Ithaca to Poughkeepsie and Syracuse, many of them being homes to college campuses as well as Long island and surrounding areas.

Depending on the qualifications you aim to pursue, there are many opportunities that are open to you as a security guard.

On this page you will get a full break down of the requirements, related opportunities and how to get a job as a security guard in New York 

Unarmed Security Guard Requirements in New York:

** Sec-curity Safety Center NYC assists you in processing the necessary forms, submitting them to the New York State Division of and making sure you get it done right the first time.

Here is the package that we put together to help you make the process simple.

Complete Package: $375 $400 .: We take care of everything for you, including the Government fees, processing your application and fingerprinting fees. All you need to do is wait for your certification to come through your door.

Once you obtain your registration card, and start working as a security guard, within the first 90 days of employment, you must complete an additional 16 hours of on-the-job training. – (Many people take advantage of bundle courses so that they know they are ready to work without interruptions)

Annual Training Requirement:

Your Security Guard Registration is valid for two years, and to renew your license, you are required to complete two 8 Hour Annual In-Service training courses. This is the only way security guards meet compliance and stay eligible to be renewed after 2 years.

Getting a Job – How we can help?

We care about our students’ success, and our goal is to help you become certified so that you can get a job and start earning as quickly as possible. 

We can’t guarantee you a job, no one can, however as part of our promise to our students to help them get a job quickly, we will help you with your resume, dressing for job success, form preparations, mental attitude, interview preparations and register your resume in our database as our sister company Sec-curity is always hiring.