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How? Transitioning from a security officer to police office

The training you received as a security guard, does prepare you somewhat mentally to deal with people and crime, however Security guard training doesn’t shorten the path to become a police officer.  Although the two industries are a natural fit and typically have a large volume of people flowing from one path to the other.

There is much more to consider.

This article looks at the path to becoming a police officer regardless if you are a security guard or your’e transitioning from another career.

First let’s look at some of the common things that will help make your transition smoother.

  1. Develop the right skills:

    Active listening,Situational awareness,  Attention to detail and leadership skills are some of the many skills you gain as a security guard, and these are very useful tools to have when you become a law enforcement officer. Now that you have a basic understanding and awareness of these skills, work on developing these skills further through professional training, reading and practicing in your current job.

  2. Networking and mentorship:

    Building relationships with the people currently working in law enforcement agencies provides valuable insight into the demands of the job, what skill set is needed to qualify for the job and it’s the best way to prepare yourself for the smoother transition.

  3. Be proactive:

    Taking more advanced training professional courses, attending information sessions from experts, and applying for promotions will help you excel and continually improve your skills. Moreover actively seeking opportunities to advance your career, both in private security companies and law enforcement agencies will help you achieve your goal.

Let’s now look at the qualification process for Law Enforcement Agencies:

Law enforcement companies have very high assessment standards and demands. Candidates have to go through the physical agility assessment, written assessment, phone interviews and psychological assessment.

In order to become certified as a police officer, you’ll also need to pass the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) exam. The POST exam is a nationally recognized law enforcement certification that tests your knowledge on different policing concepts. Additionally, you can also take the Department of Defense Police Officer Basic Course, which will give you some training in military justice codes and procedures.

What are the essential skills that I need to be a successful police officer?

To be a successful police officer, you need to have these essential skills: – You have to be able to think quickly and come up with creative solutions in difficult situations. – One of the most important skills that you need to be a successful police officer is critical thinking. This means that you are able to analyze situations and come up with logical conclusions. – Police officers are often required to use force, which means that they must be physically fit and have excellent hand-eye coordination. – Being emotionally strong is also essential for police officers as they deal with traumatic events on a daily basis.

How Private Security and Law Enforcement Work Together:

Interacting with police officers can give security insights into the police role and it gives confidence about tackling the application process. Though Security officers and police officers have different roles. A security officer, though, may have a better understanding of the role differences than the average person. Power and limitation of power is a common security guard topic.

Some professionals are very good at developing good relationships with police because security guard duties can include contacting the police, something that can give them two-way benefits in certain types of areas.

A professional who has worked both sides notes it can be helpful to contact a public relations police officer, making sure to follow established processes

Common Skill Set for Security Office and Police Officer:

Together police officers and security officers take actions that have the power to limit the times when force will be necessary. Both the forces should be alert to the situation and emotions – that have the potential to escalate and take steps toward de-escalating. A lot of public contacts are required for both the officers. Security guards like police officers must know what kind of presence the project is.

Good observation with good on-time reporting and documentation is the key for both the job roles. This is included in the Security guard training programs. When an individual takes the Peace Officer Standard and Training (POST) test, she or he needs to demonstrate skills necessary for report writing.

The following are among the abilities noted by the Arizona Department of Public Health for a law enforcement role:

  • Determining quick and reasonable action and analyzing the situation
  • Maintaining composure under stressful circumstances
  • Observing and documenting details
  • Performing tasks in unfavorable weather conditions
  • Updating and retrieving information on the system
  • Following directions
  • Performing physically challenging tasks (running and jumping, pushing and pulling, subduing people)

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