Security Guard Tips

Key Tips: Working Security in Construction Environments

Construction sites are particularly dependent upon a strong security presence; theft or vandalism can often set back a construction schedule by weeks, and can even result in temporary closure of the site, affecting everyone from top-level management to the construction workers themselves.

As a result, work as a security guard on a construction site is easy to find, but also involves considerable responsibility. Tasked with guarding extensive plots of land and valuable materials like copper and machinery, and being personally responsible for preventing severe profit loss and missed deadlines, a security officer on a construction site is tasked with a great variety of duties. Below, we have listed just some of the duties you can expect to take on when working security in such an environment.

  • Foot patrol of the construction site and surrounding area.
  • Coordinating with construction members and other on-site personnel.
  • Inspection of border fencing to ensure it is secure.
  • First response to fires, injuries, and other emergencies.
  • Contacting police, ambulance, fire and rescue, or any other emergency services when necessary.
  • Observing on-site equipment to ensure it is both safe and functional.
  • Compiling daily reports of activities and incidents.
  • Logging all vehicles, visitors, and deliveries to the site, in order to keep track of what comes and goes.
  • Log all on-site inventory at the beginning and end of one’s shift to ensure nothing is missing.
  • Make extensive use of standard security tools such as flashlights, reflective vests, and walkie-talkies.

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