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Make More Money as a Security Guard in 2021/22

You’re now approved to work as a security guard. So what next?

Every profession has entry level positions and opportunities for advancement. The Security Guard industry is no different. And more than ever before we’re beginning to see enhanced roles and higher paying positions for security guards depending on the experience level.

The sad truth is that in this industry it is very easy to neglect the extra training because it can be expensive and time consuming.

Those who understand the benefits of security training, know that the benefits are much higher than its potential costs.

Being a well-trained guard gives you the confidence you need to apply for better paying positions and at the same time, companies will be more open to trusting you with responsibilities that will boost your growth opportunities.

Beyond that, better training means less problems, which means happier employers, and more peace of mind for you.

These 7 key security training areas are some of the most popular this year:

  • Compliance training
  • Cybersecurity Education
  • Access Control
  • Remote Monitoring Management
  • Incident Management & Response enhancement
  • Customer Service training
  • De-escalation & Communication
  • Security officers make sure that buildings, valuables and people are safe and secure. But they do more than that!

They help save lives, help a business grow, create smiles with peace of mind and much more.

With more training comes more opportunities to grow and increase your well deserved yearly pay rate.

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