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From Security Guard to Leader: Developing Your Career Path in New York

From Security Guard to Leader: Developing Your Career Path in New York

Are you thinking of what could be next for you as a security guard? And rightly so, there are many paths to take, and one area that you can start with as a security guard in New York is to aim for leadership roles or opportunities in general. Even if you have aspirations to move up the ranks within your organization, starting to take on leadership roles is one of the best ways to show your organization that you are ready for the next step.

When we talk about leadership, there are re-different levels, as while the thought of leadership can be overwhelming, and even is it can be a challenging and competitive process to gain experience and recognition, there are several first steps you can take to accelerate your career growth through leadership.

Here is a step-by-step guide for anyone aiming to develop their career path from security guard to a leadership role in New York, along with some examples and pitches to help you succeed:

  • Get certified: Yes, Even if most people could say that leadership is a gift, it can also be nurtured. Whether you believe you are a leader and should be given the role, one of the first steps to fulfilling that position in the security field is to get certified. The reason is quite simply that when you get certified, you then give others permission to consider you for the role because you are qualified. The certification process has different levels and typically involves you completing a set of specific courses and training programs preferably prescribed by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (NYSDCJS) or that are recognized certifications. These courses are generally diverse in nature as they cover topics such as security guard duties, powers and limitations, communication skills, and emergency response procedures. So to conclude, by getting certified, you are effectively telling your employer and the whole world that you are worthy, that you have taken the time to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to not only fulfill your duties as a security guard in New York but also to take on leadership responsibilities. Of course, action speaks louder than words, but this first step tells a lot about your character.

Example of what you will be able to say: “I have recently completed the NYSDCJS security guard certification program in New York, which gave me a strong foundation built in the knowledge, skills and dedication to growth which is required for my role and beyond. I am confident that this certification, combined with an eagerness to grow, my dedication, and my experience, makes me a strong candidate for not only my position but for leadership roles within this organization… and anywhere else”

  • Gain experience: Certification is one thing, experience is something else. As you progress in your career and in life in general, you’ll be exposed to different scenarios, and it’s important that you learn from them, but go beyond that, gain as much experience as possible in your field, and challenge yourself every chance you get. This may involve putting yourself forward and taking on additional responsibilities or projects at your current job or outside your current job, or seeking out new and exciting opportunities to learn and grow and foster good working ethics. Seeking out internships or similar part-time positions with other security firms can go a long way in helping you gain the exposure you desire to different types of environments and challenges that will shape you. By gaining all these experiences, you stand a higher chance to develop a diverse set of skills and knowledge sets that can make you a valuable asset to your organization and elsewhere.

Example of what you could say: “I have been working as a security guard for the past XXX years, and during that time I have pushed myself and taken on a variety of additional responsibilities and projects within and beyond the scope of my general duties. I am motivated, and dedicated to growing and have sought out internships and part-time positions in various places within other security firms to gain new exposure to different types of environments and challenges that I may encounter later on in life. I believe that this diverse range of experience  that I have gained has helped me develop a stronger set of skills and knowledge that can be used to benefit companies and when applied to leadership roles within any organization.”

  1. Build your network: They say that best way to break through barriers holding you back is by using the shared activities principles which involves Networking. This is an essential part of not only career development but life as a whole. It can be especially helpful to network and build strong connections with people in the security field who will guide you and even recommend you for new opportunities. By building strong relationships outside your current circle with other security professionals, you can quickly learn about new and untapped opportunities, exchange ideas for growth and best practices within the field, and most importantly gain valuable insights and advice on how things work. Networking doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming, There are many places to network such as: You may consider joining online forums, local meetups, and more, such as the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), or attending industry events and conferences to connect with others in your field… just go outside your circle and see what you can find.

Example of things you will say: “As I aspire to grow, I pursue growth opportunities, and one of them is that I have made a point of networking with other security professionals in my area over the past few years, and I truly believe that these relationships, how short they were,  have been instrumental in shaping my career development ever since. I have learned more than I could imagine, I have gained knowledge about how things work, and opened doors to new opportunities, gained valuable insights and advice, and made valuable connections that I believe can help me advance in my career.”

  • Seek out leadership opportunities: It all comes down to leadership. As you gain experience and build a stronger network, it’s important that you actively seek out leadership opportunities wherever possible. As a leader, you could apply for leadership positions within or outside your organization, and/or you could seek volunteer roles around your community. By taking on additional leadership roles, you can then demonstrate your ability to inspire others and guide others, and in the process gain valuable leadership skills and experience.

Example of what you could then say: “I am motivated, I am excited and I have a strong desire to take on new leadership roles within this organization, I believe I have demonstrated that I am always willing to go above and beyond, and am always looking for ways to demonstrate my potential. My passion is to help, and I have applied for several leadership positions within our company, either as a volunteer or as a paid position, and in addition, I have also taken on leadership roles in other volunteer and community organizations to which have not only helped me to gain additional experience but has allowed me to help foster growth and leadership in others as well. I believe that if given the chance, with these experiences that have helped me develop the skills and confidence necessary to succeed as a leader, I will be a great asset to this organisation.”

  • Develop your leadership skills: Nurturing your leadership skills to maturity requires a conscious act of dedication from you. It is simply the ultimate way to gain the trust you desire and by seeking out leadership opportunities in different areas of your life. Just liek any process, it may involve taking leadership development courses online or offline, reading leadership books and related articles, or by seeking out mentors or coaches who can help you grow and improve. By continuously working to improve your leadership skills, you can become a more effective and influential leader within your organization .

Example: “I am fully committed to continuously growth and improving my leadership skills and abilities, and I have taken a number of steps to achieve this goal. Things I have done include, enrolling in leadership development courses, read numerous leadership books and articles, and I have sought out mentors and coaches in the area of leadership to help me grow and improve on my skills. I believe that this is a journey I must take, it is an ongoing investment in my development has helped me become a more effective and influential leader within our organization, and I am always looking for ways to continue learning and improving.


In conclusion: Pursuing your goal to develop a stronger career path from security guard to leader in New York requires dedication and a combination of knowledge, skills, experience, and your ability to demonstrate leadership qualities every chance you get. By following these well outlined steps in this article, you stand a great chance of building a successful path and one that will accelerate your career growth in the security field, in leadership, and overall in life. You have to remember that it is not a one-day affair, and it is not just about the certification. A combination of things all working together will make this a success. You’ll need to get certified, gain experience along the way, build your network every chance you get, seek out leadership opportunities and show your skills with passion, and develop your leadership skills by continuing to be true to yourself. It’s also important to remember that becoming a leader in the security field or in any field for that matter, is a continuous journey of learning, practicing and growth; It requires that you adapt to changing circumstances in your life and to be able to tackle challenges. You’ll need to keep evolving and stay up-to-date with the latest in laws and regulations, technologies that can be applied, and best practices for the current year.

We believe in you, and by embracing your sense of purpose and responsibility, and building your reputation, showing your commitment, and building a stronger brand within the industry, you can become a respected and influential leader within your organization and the security industry as a whole.


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