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Tips For Preparing For A Security Guard Interview

Like any job interview, interviewing for a security guard position can be intimidating. However, by taking the right steps, and preparing for it in the right manner, the interview can be tackled slickly and smoothly, in a manner that greatly enhances your chances of securing the position. Below, we’ve gathered just a few tips.

  • Be professional

This is one of those tips that’s applicable to any job interview, of course; but maintaining a professional demeanour is essential. When it comes to positions like this, many applicants have no real dedication to the potential position, and are just looking to make easy money. By maintaining a professional demeanour – sitting up straight, being polite and formal, answering questions fully and clearly, and so forth – you will communicate to the interviewer that you are serious about the potential position, and that you have both the intent and the capability to take to your duties in a wholehearted and serious manner.

  • Dress formally

This relates to the previous point, of course; but one of the best ways to communicate your seriousness about the position to the interviewer is by ensuring that you are dressed formally for the interview – and, in addition, that you are properly groomed. This, too, will help communicate to the interviewer your seriousness about the position.

  • Research the company

While it’s true that most security guard positions generally entail similar duties, there are often minor differences between them, depending on the nature of the company. It’s worth looking into this. Check out the details of the job listing, and, in addition, check out the company itself. If it’s a security company, look into the sort of jobs they do. If it’s another sort of company with a security division, look into the reasons why this company requires security. Bring up during the interview why you applied to this particular position. Outline how you feel that your particular skills make you well-suited not just to security positions in general, but to this one in particular. Detail why it took your interest over other potential positions, and why you are suited for it other candidates.

  • Look up potential questions

Many security guard interviews, regardless of the particular position they might be for, use similar sets of questions – most of which are available online. Look up various sets of security guard interview questions, and prepare answers for them. Ensure that your answers are carefully crafted and unique to what makes you right for the position, rather than just cookie-cutter.

  • Bring a resume and references

Even if the job listing does not explicitly ask you to bring along a resume, bring one anyway. Make sure it details all training and past positions relevant to security work. Use this to demonstrate why you are right for the position. If possible, also take the time to write to any previous employers or trainers that you might still be in contact with and ask them about the possibility of sending you a reference that you can present, outlining your strengths from an external perspective.

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